woensdag 14 november 2012

Women Hiring Gigolos On The Rise

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by Linda Franklin

Women Who Hire Gigolos on the Rise  Linda Franklin The Real Cougar WomanA handsome, muscle-bound man who is charming, witty and keen to treat a woman like an angel whenever she is in the mood?
It may sound too good to be true. Until, that is, money is thrown into the equation.
Gigolos are on the rise in the U.S., says ABC’s Nightline, with more and more well-educated, successful and high-earning women willing to shell out thousands of dollars for dates – and sex – with the ‘perfect’ man.
Garren James, owner of Cowboys 4 Angels, has had 2,000 job applications since his agency starred in reality series, Gigolos. Models turned cowboys take home 80 per cent of their hourly rate which starts at $300.00.
With services paid for up front and under the strict guise of simply charging for time, rather than sex, the practice is 100 per cent legal – straight male escorts bill for their hours and nothing more. If that leads to sex with a female client, so be it.  
One woman uses this pleasurable service as incentive to lose wight – and books a Cowboy every time she sheds five pounds. It’s working. She says that since she started heading on dates with the former models, she has gone from a size 28 to an 18.
For her, though, the icing on the cake is that she is in control, and free to do as she pleases. ‘I know they aren’t going to call. I don’t want them to call,’ she told Nightline.
Cowboys 4 Angels is now in Texas, New York, California, Georgia and Nevada.
Today many women are too busy for a boyfriend and they prefer the ‘sure thing’.  This fits the bill for their needs.
While the gigolos are not required to take STD tests as they are officially not being paid for sex, but say they practice safe sex.
So, I toss this out to you.  Do you think it’s wrong for a woman to engage the services of a gigolo?  It sure flies in the face of conventional thinking.  I say it’s okay as long as you don’t get emotionally attached – and that’s a big if. Remember, Richard Gere got hooked on his paid-for escort in Pretty Woman?
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